By Greg Gossett, CEO

HealthAware has always focused on the patient. First as an innovator in early detection and, now, as an innovator in the art and science of patient activation.

For the past 6 months, we have worked closely with one of our customers to implement our patient activation program for its diabetes population. Our platform combines behavioral science with digital therapies to activate patients towards better self-care.

The program, called Kare-N® applies neuroscience research regarding behavior changes such as helping participants understand cues, triggers and rewards and incorporates strong emotional and social support elements. The program is delivered in a text format. The reasons we chose delivery in text is fascinating and is a topic for a future blog post.

Initial results are very encouraging. Of the patients who were offered the program, so far, 70% have chosen to participate in the program; of those who registered, 62% completed the 30-day program. Over the past 6 months, 73% of those who have completed the program have improved their A1C levels.

We know better follow-up with patients’ post-discharge is a key factor in reducing readmissions. HealthAware understands that it takes more than email reminders, web portals and phone calls to have an impact on a patient’s ongoing self-care routine. It takes integrating behavioral science and tackling population health trends with one small habit at a time. We are very encouraged with the effect the program is having on patients and will be sharing more results in the very near future.

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