According to the CDC, heart disease kills 610,000 people in the United States every year. Early identification of people who are at high risk could prevent some of these deaths. Connect™ Health Risk Assessments help cardiovascular doctors assess their patient’s heart risks so that they can provide appropriate treatments and lifestyle recommendations to those who need them most.

Empower Patients to Track Their Own Risks

Connect™  Health Risks Assessments by HealthAware provides information both for doctors and patients. Every participant is provided with a summary of their personal cardiovascular risks in their risk assessment report. Some patients may be able to reduce their individual stroke risk levels by losing weight, becoming more active, or improving their diet to lower their blood pressure or cholesterol. Being able to see the effects of these positive changes helps to encourage patients to stick with their new healthy lifestyle habits. Doctors can also download reports on their patients at any time, helping them to stay informed about their patients’ overall health.

Integrate Data With HealthAware’s Connect™ Health Risk Assessments

As a physician or hospital administrator, you need to handle massive amounts of data for every patient you serve. Connect Health Risk Assessment data integrates into your consumer relationship management (CRM) database and we automated this data transfer in real time. This means you can keep track of your highest-risk patients and target them with information about programs that could help them improve their health.

Secure Patient Data Storage

Data security is a major concern for any hospital administrator or physician. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires all healthcare organizations to keep their patient data safe and secure. All Connect Health Risk Assessments are HIPAA compliant. HealthAware keeps all patient data on secure, dedicated servers and uses SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II and Type I encryption to protect it against hacking and other data security threats.

Using Technology to Improve Patient Health & Patient Risk Assessment

Patients today have access to an abundance of technology that can help them monitor their own health. However, it can be difficult for patients to wade through all the health-related information coming from websites and downloadable apps. Connect Health Risk Assessments help patients understand their individual risks for having or developing cardiovascular disease. By using these patient risk assessment tools on an ongoing basis, patients can understand how their personal level of risk is evolving over time. This information empowers patients to take action to lower their risk, such as eating a healthier diet, exercising more, or sticking to a prescribed medication regime.

Meeting Patients Where They Are

While many healthcare organizations already use technology to communicate with their patients, they don’t always provide information that reaches out to patients in their daily lives. Rather than locking information away in a system that patients have to log into, such as a patient portal or smartphone application, many healthcare institutions are opting for the benefits of an easy to access systems like the Connect Health Risk Assessments.

Benefits of Health Risk Tracking

When patients are able to track their own health risks over time, they can take action to protect themselves from cardiovascular disease. Empower your patients today by contacting HealthAware to find out more about how our Connect™ Risk Assessment program can improve the lives of your patients.