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Welcome to the HealthAware Studio, where we are changing behaviors, reinventing care every day.

Moz Mirbaba: Hello and thank you, my name is Moz Mirbaba and today I am with Greg Gossett, Founder and CEO of HealthAware. For the past 20 years, Greg has been at the forefront of early disease detection and has worked with more than 250 health care systems across the nation.

Moz Mirbaba: Greg, thanks for joining me today at the HealthAware studies. I want to talk to little bit about no-shows and as I understand the patient no show rate is a big problem with health care systems today. Can you tell us what you are seeing?

Greg Gossett: That’s a good questions and it’s a real problem. The research that we are reading and what we are seeing across the industry, really is that No Shows come about because:  

1) The Patients don’t feel connected with the physician or the provider. That’s the number one reason.

2) They Don’t Understand the relevance of why the appointment is necessary.

3) Its inconvenient or difficult.

And so those are the main problems why people no show. It’s interesting how people are responding though, but that’s typically what we see.

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