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Moz Mirbaba: Hello and thank you, my name is Moz Mirbaba and today I am with Greg Gossett, Founder and CEO of HealthAware. For the past 20 years, Greg has been at the forefront of early disease detection and has worked with more than 250 health care systems across the nation.


Moz Mirbaba: So Greg, I understand that No Show is a huge problem across the country for medical groups, dental groups, and hospitals. Tell me little about how HealthAware is solving for this text reminder services that are out there.


Greg Gossett:

Text reminders are everywhere. So that is the norm now, to get a reminder that you have an appointment, but let’s go back to the Three Main main reasons why No Shows happen.

  1. Patients don’t feel connected with the physician or the provider
  2. Patients don’t understand the relevance of why the appointment is necessary
  3. Its inconvenient or difficult

So when you get a text message reminder, all we are dealing with is Number Three “Inconvenience.”  We’re helping people remember they have something tomorrow. What we really need in this country to impact no shows- is to create a dialogue – a humanized communication. Not call centers- because they are costly and they dont scale. We need to leverage technology to have humanized communication with the patient two way.

  • Are you ready for this appointment?
  • Have you prepared for it?
  • Do you know why you are coming to the appointment?
  • And do you know we are ready for you we’re prepared to make this easy for you.

These are critical points that you should have dialogue with the patient. And technology, text messaging, emails, etc. this is what we do and its tremendously effective.

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