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Welcome to the HealthAware Studio, where we are changing behaviors, reinventing care every day.


Moz Mirbaba: Hello and thank you, my name is Moz Mirbaba and today I am with Greg Gossett, Founder and CEO of HealthAware. For the past 20 years, Greg has been at the forefront of early disease detection and has worked with more than 250 health care systems across the nation.


Moz Mirbaba: Greg, could you tell us how HealthAware’s Kare-N® program could increase the profitability of bundled payments for healthcare systems?


Greg Gossett: Bundled payment are a really important part of today’s healthcare payment reform. The importance of them is so that hospitals can keep more of their margin if they provide good care. The pathway to keeping more margins is through compliance. The patient needs to comply with the care plan, but more importantly the patient needs to be bought into self-care. So the Kare-N® program because we are supportive caring and almost daily communications, we really transform the communications and the way a patient interacts with the provider post-acute.  We transform that so that the care team can step in immediately when an emergent issues arise. That allows them to more actively prevent readmissions and downstream unnecessary utilizations. For bundled payments regular frequent communications will be critical to keeping more of the margins within the hospital walls.  

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