Platform increases visibility into patient progress in chronic disease management programs

July 26, 2016 (Denver, CO) – HealthAware, an innovative behavioral change company that combines evidence-based science with digital therapies, announced strong positive outcomes after West Tennessee Healthcare adopted HealthAware’s patient management platform. The platform provides the hospital with the ability to better track and provide supplemental care for patients with diabetes.

West Tennessee Healthcare adopted HealthAware’s patient management platform for better insight into its chronic disease management program in 2015. The platform produces analytics that show overall trends, such as changes in HbA1c for patients with diabetes as well as individuals’ needs, such as failure to comply with HEDIS recommendations. Ultimately, the platform allows West Tennessee Healthcare to provide more care to more patients with fewer resources, improve communication amongst departments and provide financial analysis. Since implementing the platform, West Tennessee Healthcare has shown significant improvements with 73% of participants positively impacting their HbA1c levels.

“At West Tennessee Healthcare, we needed an easy-to-use platform that provided real-time analytics,” said Dr. Lisa Piercey, executive vice president at West Tennessee Healthcare. “With the integration of the HealthAware platform, we better serve our patients by using impactful data and by assisting our patients in the practice of on-going self-care.”

“As healthcare organizations are transitioning to value-based care, having real-time access to patient data and analytics is more important than ever,” said Greg Gossett, CEO & founder of HealthAware. “HealthAware’s patient management platform has been shown to be very effective at providing the exact data points clinicians need to address patient care and we are thrilled that it has been so successful for West Tennessee Healthcare.”

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