Employees use new platform during Mental Health Awareness month to help manage stress, resulting in strong engagement metrics

October 5, 2016 (Denver, CO) – HealthAware, an innovative healthcare technology company that combines behavioral science with digital therapies, partnered with Centra Health during Mental Health Awareness month by offering Centra Health’s employees an opportunity to help manage stress levels by using HealthAware’s assessment and activation platforms.

Stress is a very real and quantifiable workplace issue:
• 78% of employers identify stress as the top risk factor for their workforce
• Two-thirds of Americans say that work is a main source of stress in their lives
• And, each day, an estimated 1 million workers miss work due to stress.

Recognizing the power of addressing stress in the workplace, Centra Health employees were offered the opportunity to enroll in HealthAware’s Stress Aware program by completing a quick online assessment of their stress levels. Of those who completed an assessment, more than half requested more resources to help manage their stress levels.

Once the assessment was completed, the employees were directed to the HealthAware’s Kare-N® digital therapy program which helped the employees with managing stress. HealthAware Kare-N® is based on a healthy habits behavioral framework that incorporates psycho-social and emotional support elements delivered in a text or email-based format. Participants had the opportunity to choose a program in sleep, gratitude, stress or acts of kindness. The program seamlessly integrated the participant information with a feedback loop that encouraged successful adoption of the new behaviors.

HealthAware Kare-N® programs typically run over a 30-day period. The Centra Health employees who enrolled in the program interacted with the program an average of 22 days and the program was effective in helping participants form new positive habits around stress management.

“We experienced outstanding engagement with the HealthAware programs – especially as many of our employees are clinicians who are not sitting at a computer all day. The text-based program was effective in activating participants – without using any additional incentives,” said Corrin McCloskey, employee wellness program manager at Centra Health. “Educating employees on the stress management resources available as well as providing them with the framework necessary to make the small changes in their lives to improve upon their overall health is an important benefit we offer at Centra Health.”

“Stress management is a key factor in disease prevention and employee satisfaction,” said Greg Gossett, CEO & founder of HealthAware. “Centra Health’s participation in HealthAware’s platforms show the real dedication its employees have in achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

To learn more about how HealthAware combines the effective elements of evidence-based clinical care, habit frameworks, and digital therapeutics visit: www.healthaware.com.

HealthAware is a behavior change company focused on patient self-management technology. Founded in 2004 in Denver Colorado, HealthAware has provided technology solutions to over 200 healthcare systems reaching over 1.5 million participants resulting in positive outcomes for its clients and patients. HealthAware’s dedicated team is passionate about helping people make choices to form healthy behaviors. HealthAware’s proprietary behavioral data and constructs guide patient behavior using our push technology platforms to support patients whether choosing providers or following post-acute care programs.

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