Kare-N-Asian_Women_CompliancePatient no-show rates are a constant and costly problem for health care clinics and providers. More than 3 million people in the United States miss or delay medical attention each year. That accounts for nearly $40,000 of missed revenue per physician! So why do 12% of patients miss their appointments? The reasons for the missed appointments vary. Some patients do not feel connected to their physician, others do not understand the importance of keeping their appointments. 

What is the Impact of No-Shows on Patients?

While there is no doubt that no-shows affect medical providers and practices in many ways, they also have a significant impact on patients as well. Here are just a few ways that no-shows affect patients.

  1. They Are Less Likely to Use Preventative Care

As a physician or medical professional, you know how important preventative health services are on a patient’s overall and long-term health. Unfortunately, patients that have high rates of no-show appointments are less likely to be up-to-date with preventative health services, according to research.

  1. They Have Poorer Health Outcomes

Numerous research studies have shown a link between poor health outcomes and missed medical appointments. A recent study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester found that patients who missed multiple appointments had higher rates of high blood pressure and diabetes than patients who did not miss appointments.

The correlation between poor health outcomes and no shows is undeniable. Which is why physicians must take special notice of their no-show rates. Not only do no shows have a significant financial impact on a physician’s practice, no shows also represent a missed opportunity to provide much-needed quality care.

3.They Don’t Get the Care That They Need

When a patient is a no-show for an appointment, it is evident that they didn’t get the care that they needed at the time. What is even more obvious is that many don’t ever get the care that they need. Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine tracked nearly 7,000 geriatric patients referred to a specialist from their primary care physician. Only 71 percent of these patients ever scheduled a follow-up appointment and only 70 percent of those people actually went to their appointment.

So, how can you eliminate the high costs of no-show appointments—for both to your practice and to your patients? As leading behavioral change experts, HealthAware offers an innovative program, Kare-N®, which allows clinicians and physicians to increase patient compliance. 

HealthAware’s  Kare-N®

Kare-N™ is a suite of digital therapy programs that helps empower behavior change.  Kare-N® has delivered a 20% reduction in NO SHOWS for appointment compliance for HealthAware partners.  In addition, Kare-N® provides the following benefits to your patients:

  • Vulnerability Alerts-help patients identify how to follow-up for self-care after doctor appointments.
  • Appointment Readiness-Kare-N® can remind patients of upcoming appointments via text message and also remind patients to provide and record questions they have for the clinician prior to their visit.
  • Appointment Compliance– allow patients to comply with their time and date of their appointment.
  • Maximize Use of Time– with the patient and provider by gathering key data points on the patient to the clinician ahead of the appointment.
  • Recommended Care-patient reminders of recommended care plans.
  • Patient Satisfaction– automatically thank your patients for coming in after their appointments.
  • Social Sharing- Kare-N® offers the ability to share via social platforms.
  • EMR Integration– getting information on the patient’s history/recent symptoms.

Using Kare-N® can help reduce patient no-show rates in your practice and help your patients have better health outcomes.

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