Did you know that over 20,000 liters of blood are used in the USA & Canada every day? In fact, 1 out of every 7 patients entering the hospital will need blood! According to statistics by The American Red Cross, approximately 38% of the American population is eligible to donate blood, but only a mere 10% actually donate. This dismal donation rate has resulted in a nationwide shortage of blood that is only expected to worsen as the demand for blood transfusions shows no signs of slowing down. While the industry is well aware of the dangerous deficit they are facing, the general public does not truly understand how critical a blood donation is.


Why is there such a shortage of blood donations today?

According to recent reports from the American Red Cross, the shortage is directly related to people missing their appointments to donate blood. The current rate of no-shows for blood donation is approximately 40% reports the American Red Cross.


Why is there such a high no-show rate for blood donation centers?

While many well intended Americans make an appointment to donate to their local blood banks, many never show up when the day arrives. Whether potential donors simply forget they made an appointment or they are unable to make the appointment due to special circumstances, the reasons for no-shows varies greatly. Others simply donate once and never return to donate again. Regardless of the reasons why, the shortage of blood donations is a direct result.

But there is good news.


How can blood donation centers increase their rate of regular donations?

HealthAware has developed an innovative new program called Kare-N® that is designed to help blood centers reduce no-show rates and increase donations. Preliminary data has shown that the Kare-N® program can reduce the no-show rate by as much as 20% over 30 days.


Kare-N® for Blood Centers?

HealthAware’s Kare-N® is an engagement and recruitment program that helps blood centers engage and recruit new donors in an entirely new way. Kare-N® automates, personalizes, and catalogues all communications between the donors and the blood centers. Initial research shows that Kare-N® produces measurable, dramatic results and lowers the cost of donor acquisitions.  Through a variety of applications, Kare-N® prepares the donor prior to the donation day to not only  ensure the blood donors show up for their appointments, but also remind them to be properly hydrated and that they are going to be someone’s’ Hero for donating that day.


Kare-N®’s Automated. Altruistic. Automated. Engine (Patent pending)

A.A.I.E is the heart of Kare-N®’s learning engine. A.A.I.E  learns about each one of your donor’s personal dispositions, and adjusts communications accordingly. Equal parts dedicated professional and caring friend, Kare-N® talks to each donor on an individual and personal level. A.A.I.E effectively focuses on intrinsic motivations that lie within every person. Each Interaction with a donor moves him or her towards giving, sharing, and caring more prior to donation day, post donation day, and in between donations.

To learn more about Kare-N® and how the  A.A.I.E.works for Blood Centers click here: http://healthaware.com/kare-n-blood-centers/