shutterstock_196105778Patient no-shows are one of the biggest challenges that most medical practices and clinics face today, causing missed revenue and decrease productivity. In addition, missed appointments negatively affect patient care and waste valuable staff time.

In an effort to correct this problem, many practices enact certain procedures design to mitigate no-shows. These procedures include making automated appointment reminder calls or charging patients a fee for missing appointments. Many physicians just simply overbook their schedules. Unfortunately, overbooking often leads to poor patient satisfaction and an unhappy staff who must deal with upset patients that have to wait for a long time to be seen. Regrettably, patient no-shows still happen at an alarming rate.

Medical practices are not the only ones that are affected by patient no-show rates. Blood banks are also facing a true crisis today, in part to high no-show rates. According to the American Red Cross, the blood supply has dropped from 15 million units of blood four years ago to less than 11 million units in 2016. Blood banks have an extremely high no-show rate. As many as 40% of potential donors do not show up.

How Patient No-Shows Affect Patient Compliance and Lost Revenues

Did you know the average physician has over 2500 patients?  But nearly 300 or 12% of these patients never make it to their appointments. While 12% does not sound like a large number of missed appointments the amount of lost revenue adds up quickly, especially if you are in a 25 physician practice. In fact, the average physician loses $45k annually due to no shows, which could equate over $1 million dollars for a 25 physician medical group in a year. If patients do not show up for their appointments, it makes it nearly impossible for healthcare providers to enforce proper patient compliance resulting in poorer health outcomes.

But, this problem does not just affect medical practices, as blood donation centers are also experiencing a similar rate of no-shows. With a no-show rate of 12%-15%, blood donor clinics lose approximately $114K -$142k per facility each year. A ten location facility can see lost revenues over a $1 million dollars. Thankfully, HealthAware has the solution to help reduce no-show rates.

How Kare-N® Can Help Reduce the No Shows

Kare-N® by HealthAware is a digital program that helps reduce no-show rates by as much as 20% in the first 30 days of use according to preliminary data.

By utilizing an adaptive framework that responds based on the user’s needs, Kare-N® engages with users providing them with appointment reminders, rescheduling options and much more all delivered via text messaging.  

For example, let’s say you are a blood donation center trying to get new and returning donors to come in for an appointment.  Kare-N® allows users to make appointments and sends them a reminder text message 3 to 7 days in advance. Giving the user a gentle reminder while providing plenty of notice to reschedule or cancel the appointment if need be, while prepping the donor prior to arrival.  In addition, to reminding users of upcoming appointments, Kare-N® will also send text messages automatically after your appointment to say thank you or remind you of vital follow-up care. Through Kare-N® patients are encouraged to meet their appointments, allow ample time to reschedule and take steps to be in compliance with their healthcare provider.

To learn more about Kare-N® click here, and to get a demo please contact HealthAware today.