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Imagine knowing your donors personally, as if each one is a close friend. They would talk to you more often – and always let you know if they need to reschedule. They would be proud and even eager to ask friends and family to join your cause. You would even know when and how to secure more donations from each person. Get to know Kare-N™ and make all of this possible.

Kare-N™ helps empower behavioral change to ensure measurable results. The innovative and effective suite of Kare-N™ personal programs serves a wide range of partners including:

  • Providers / Hospital Systems

  • Medical Groups

  • Hospital Employee Safety

  • Blood Banks

  • Hospital Marketers

  • Audiology

Lifeblood + New Blood: Key Program Features

Every blood center wants more overall donations. Younger, more engaged donors. Valuable new relationships. And far fewer donor no-shows.

It’s time to turn those desires into realities. It’s time to get to know Kare-N™.

With Kare-N™, you can engage and recruit donors in an entirely new way. 

The most invaluable and efficient assistant you’ll ever employ, Kare-N™ steps right in and automates, personalizes and catalogues all communications between you and your donors. Over time, Kare-N™ even learns each one of your donor’s personal dispositions – and adjusts communications accordingly. Equal parts dedicated professional and caring friend, Kare-N™ talks to each donor on an individual and personal level.  

* No Apps to Install

* No Login ID

* No Websites
to Manage

* No Call Centers
to Staff

No headaches or difficulties. But plenty of proven benefits.

HealthAware’s Kare-N™ programs focus intently and effectively on intrinsic motivators that lie with each and every person. Each interaction with a donor moves him or her toward giving, sharing, and caring more. In turn, each interaction also increases your understanding of that donor’s personal disposition. So you can create powerful and deeply individualized campaigns. And build relationships that last a lifetime.

Some human motivators we monitor include:

* Rewards

* Competition

* Acts of Kindness

* Social Recognition

Kare-N™ Works Closely With Your Blood Center

We understand the challenges that face us all today. And we’re passionate about solving the nation’s available blood supply shortage. Backed by our decade-long track record of saving patients’ lives, we’re ready and excited to help you meet and exceed all your own challenges. And we’re thrilled to introduce you to Kare-N™.

With Kare-N™, blood banks can usher in an exciting new transfusion of not just supply, but eager and engaged donors.

Let Kare-N™ Lead the Conversation

Call centers will soon be outdated. And it’s easier than ever today to get lost in the clutter and chatter.

Don’t be just another appointment reminder. Let Kare-N™ establish and guide a meaningful two-way conversation with your donors. Kare-N™ will connect with each donor during all stages – before, after, and all points down the road. With Kare-N™ at the helm, we handle the complete donation experience – across the entire continuum of care.

Kare-N™ Works Closely
With Your Blood Center

  • Decrease No-Show Rate
  • Decrease Costs
  • Increase New, Younger Donor Relationships
  • Increase Donor Frequency
  • Increase Donor Satisfaction
  • Improve Donor Experience

Kare-N™ In Action

Looking for more measurable results? Crunch these numbers for a moment. For one of our blood center clients, Kare-N™ accomplished the following results:


Reduction in No-show Rate


Increase in Donor Engagement


Elimination of Outbound Calls
Elimination of Text Reminder Services

messaging_infographic (1)

A.A.I.E was developed by HealthAware’s team, emerged from many years of interacting, motivating and conversing with patients to make good decisions and keep commitments. HealthAware now brings this technology and behavioral science to the blood bank industry. AAIE is the core of Kare-N™. It catalogues all donor interactions, surveys donors when they are likely to respond, and builds individual profiles about the donor. Why do donors give? Is it because they want to “pay it forward”, make a difference, or because they are inspired by religious beliefs? What motivates donors to respond? Rewards? Social Recognition? All of these dimensions drive human giving behavior. The A.A.I.E provides Kare-N™ with individual donor profiles so “she” can have a personal conversation with each donor. It also provides HealthAware and its blood center partners insights into the donor population it has likely never seen before. Get Started with Kare-N™ to start realizing the benefits of our patent pending technology.

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Kare-N™ Blood Donors Are Fans...

“I love to give blood because you have made it so easy! Making and keeping appointments by texting reminders and easy reschduleing if something pops up in my life (thank you!) One practically painless needle stick, then lay back and relax on a great lounge” – Michael (Texas)

“I’ve been giving blood for many, many years. It was nice to have a program like this to help the community. I’m thankful that others gave blood to help my family.” Linzee (Illinois)

“When we implemented HealthAware’s Kare-N blood program to help reduce our no-show rates for member appointments, we immediately saw the huge impact by reducing our no-show rate by 33%, above and beyond existing text reminders, resulting in a more profitable operation.” – Blood Center Client