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Happy, productive employees. Patients on track to improved health. Lower readmissions, fewer sick days, and less money spent on health.
We help businesses and healthcare providers keep their communities vibrant. Promote wellbeing, increase work output, and lower healthcare costs with our revolutionary behavior change and health assessment programs.


Spark healthy habits, spur productivity, inspire better health through early disease detection, and join over 1.5 million participants and over 200 healthcare providers across the country who create healthier, more resilient communities with HealthAware.

Medical Groups

The most common complaint of medical groups, hands down, is high no-show rates. In fact, these rates today vary from 15 to 50 percent – and add up to a $150 billion industry problem. Medical groups’ financial health soars when their patients’ health improves. And that only happens when patients do what they’re supposed to do. Kare-N® helps maximize medical group profits and patient compliance – lowering no-show rates by keeping patients adherent to their appointments and provider visit goals. Both pre- and post-appointment issues are addressed by Kare-N®. And everything is arranged by specialty, disease category and diagnosis.

Hospital Systems

Hospital systems require compliance with care plans – and efficiency from their care teams. Kare-N® helps hospital systems avoid unnecessary utilizations and readmissions. It helps keep patients in compliance, and drives better outcomes. Kare-N® also maximizes efficiency within hospital system care teams. Instead of over-reaching and randomly checking in on patients, care teams can respond to alerts when real needs arise with their patients. With Kare-N®, everyone in the hospital system stays compliant. Efficient. Healthy. Happy.

Hospital Marketers

Every consumer is on a unique journey of self-care. Each of them are also at different points on their journey. Kare-N® helps hospital brands serve as powerful, passionate partners in each of those individual healthcare journeys. Like a trusted personal companion, Kare-N® attaches and communicates with each individual patient, pairing with them to adhere to personal goals and achieve daily habit shifts. Kare-N® also empowers providers to partner with patients over the long haul, and presents the unique opportunity to deliver encouraging messages of support – along with strategic calls-to-action. From daily habit shifts to daily brand integration into patients’ various communities, Kare-N® presents everyday opportunities for success and growth.

Hospital Employee Safety

Hospitals today are spending tens of millions of dollars on occupational health claims. From patient lifting to sanitary practices and more, safety and legal issues can eat into hospitals’ profit margins, morale and efficiency rate. Kare-N® helps stop this bleeding by creating sustainable and healthy habits around employee safety. It also empowers management to support and encourage their people in their daily habits – and recognize them for progress along their journey. With the expert assistance of Kare-N® , hospitals can quantify good behavior and employee safety while also creating a culture of positivity and appreciation. It’s all text-based and it’s all customizable around not just specific habits, but around particular groups and types of employees too.

Blood Banks

Blood banks are facing a true crisis today. From more than 15 million units of blood four years ago to under 11 million units in 2016, we’re facing a national shortage of available blood supply. Due to factors like aging and burnt-out donor bases, blood banks also have an extremely high no-show rate – up to 40 percent. Kare-N® helps blood banks reduce these no-show rates – by up to 20 percent in the first 30 days of operation, according to our early returns. By utilizing innovative text messaging and social media tools, Kare-N® also helps drive new donor relationships. With Kare-N®, blood banks can usher in an exciting new transfusion of not just supply, but eager and engaged donors.


Hearing loss is deeply behavioral, and fraught with several psycho-social challenges. Hearing aids also carry social stigma and can be difficult to operate, leading to a $400 million industry problem that sees 25 percent of all aids returned for full credit every year. Kare-N® helps new hearing aid wearers during the most challenging phase of their journey – the initial 30-day adaptation period. Kare-N® normalizes that period by providing in-depth instructional content, social support groups, “lifelines” to clinicians, and milestone celebration. For clinicians, Kare-N® tracks how their patients progress – initiating email and text “at risk” notifications that urge them to reach out. With access to individual and aggregate reporting of at-risk patients, clinicians and administrators can view follow-up activities and assess overall outcomes.

What our Participants are Saying...

“It’s a great program. Keeps me honest and sometimes remindes me to go check my sugar level before I reply. I think it helps people a great deal. ” – Margot (Tennessee)

“Your reminders helped me look on the bright side each day. I think others can benefit from that little nudge too.” – Susan (North Carolina)

“It’s working well for me. I have lost 3.5lbs so far. Thank you Kare-N” – Jeff (Florida)