HealthAware technology platform will be used by AISD staff to positively influence healthy behavior changes

November 23, 2015 (Denver, CO) – HealthAware, a behavioral change  company headquartered in Denver, CO, announced that its Kare-N® program is being used by staff members of the Austin Independent School District (AISD) to support healthy habits in their daily routines through integration into the AISD’s November H2O Challenge.

HealthAware’s Kare-N® delivers health programs and persuasive interventions via mobile devices that provide a framework for the development of ongoing healthy habits.  After enrolling in the H2O Challenge, AISD staff are sent daily messages from Kare-N® prompting them to swap one sugary drink for a glass of water. Kare-N® then delivers a positive reinforcement via text message to the staff member when they affirm that the beverage swap was made.

“The Austin ISD’s commitment to the health of their staff and students is evident through programs such as their H2O Challenge,” said Greg Gossett, CEO & founder of HealthAware.  “The integration of HealthAware’s Kare-N® platform into this program is designed to activate staff, develop positive emotions and build confidence, thereby encouraging the best chance of long-term positive change.”

“HealthAware’s Kare-N® program is encouraging our staff to make a small positive behavior change on a daily basis through use of this innovative technology.  As staff make healthy behavior changes, as role models for their students, they are also encouraging students to make small positive healthy behavior choices daily,” said Tracy Spinner, assistant director of comprehensive health at Austin ISD. “As more technology is integrated into the classroom setting, we’re excited to be part of an initiative to bring technology to employee wellness.”

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