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Welcome to the HealthAware Studio, where we are changing behaviors, reinventing care, every day.


Moz Mirbaba: Hello and thank you, my name is Moz Mirbaba and today I am with Greg Gossett, Founder and CEO of HealthAware. For the past 20 years, Greg has been at the forefront of early disease detection and has worked with more than 250 health care systems across the nation.


Moz Mirbaba:


So Greg, you share some of the top 3 problems medical groups and hospitals are faced with no shows. As I understand HealthAware has launched a new program called Kare-N® that will help reduce no show rates. Can you explain to our audience today, how Kare-N® is solving for these problems and how is Kare-N® being deployed in the marketplace?


Greg Gossett:

Sure, Kare-N® really came about because of the conversation we are having we are seeing all this technology being thrown at the problem. But really the problem is behavior, and so if we are going to change behavior we need to apply behavioral science.


Creating humanized communication and also creating and using behavior science and behavior constructs to influence behavior change among patients. And that’s exactly what Kare-N® is. It’s a two-way dialogue, its automate and our system catalogues and understand and learns the disposition of the individual.  And so over time we begin to communicate more directly and relevantly to that individual.


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