Blood is the life force flowing through the veins of every living being on the planet. So vital is this substance, hospitals and blood banks can never have too much on hand. According to the World Health Association (WHO), over 10 million Americans donate their blood and plasma to blood banks every year. As awareness for blood donation continues to grow, many hospitals and blood banks still experience a high no-show rate.  No-shows are perhaps the number one challenge blood donation centers and hospital face.

The Impact of No-Shows

No-shows lower the efficiency of any health institution, including blood collection centers. No-shows are responsible for nearly $150 billion of revenue loss and hours of wasted staff time tying up bed space that could go to an active donor. This is a problem often faced when a donation center relies heavily on texting systems and call centers.

Recently, The Blood Center of New Orleans, LA decided to make a change to how they were approaching donors and addressing operational inefficiencies. Their goal was to find a reliable way to lower their 15% no-show rate. To meet this goal, they employed the Kare-N® program by HealthAware.

Kare-N® is a unique and innovative program that was specifically designed to reduce no-shows while simultaneously improving patient engagement and operational efficiency. Before implementing Kare-N®, The Blood Center was relying solely on basic text reminders. By replacing this inefficient system with Kare-N®’s proprietary behavior readiness framework, The Blood Center was able to engage donors a few days prior to each appointment in a more personalized, interactive manner, without having to involve the call center. The impact of the new system was immediate. “When we implemented HealthAware’s Kare-N® blood program to help reduce our no show rates for donor appointments, we immediately saw the huge impact by reducing our No Show Rates by 33%, above and beyond existing reminders, resulting in a more profitable operation.” – Jamie, VP of Operations- The Blood Center

How Implementing the Kare-N® for Blood Centers Can Create Better Donor Engagement

Kare-N® creates a two-way communication framework to enhance interaction between donors and the donation center. Designed to be friendly and encouraging, Kare-N®’s programming provides crucial information to the donors so they know what to expect on donation day and encourages donors to reschedule their appointments if they were unable to attend all within a click of a button. Additionally, Kare-N® gently reminds donors of their upcoming appointment and provides them with encouragement.

Kare-N®’s user friendly platform makes donors feel good about themselves and the difference that they make, thereby inspiring them to actually keep their appointments. With Kare-N® , donors are celebrated and encouraged to share photos of their donation experience with their friends and family via social media, increasing impressions and awareness on their blood donation.  This helps blood donation centers achieve and maintain high donation numbers.

How to get started with Kare-N®?

Getting started with Kare-N® is easy, simply visit on your smartphone, tablet or computer and request a demo. Once enrollment is confirmed, Kare-N® will send you an initial text or email to get you started.  Designed to ask specific questions, the Kare-N® programs focus intently and effectively on intrinsic motivators that lie with each and every person. Over time, Kare-N® will learn each of your donor’s personal dispositions and will make adjustments in its communication efforts accordingly. With Kare-N® , blood donation centers can usher in an impressive new transfusion of not just donations, but engaged and eager donors.

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