Creating Value by Automating the Donor Journey.

Meet Kare-N® for Blood Donors

A COMPLETELY AUTOMATED RECRUITER. Different than your typical text message campaigns, Kare-N® uses proven behavior change methodology and a friendly voice to reinvigorate donors and get them back in your chairs. From recruitment, to appointment CONFIRMATION, to thank-you messages, Kare-N® is there for you and your donors every step of the way.

Let Kare-N® Lead the Conversation

Call centers will soon be outdated. And it’s easier than ever today to get lost in the clutter and chatter.

Don’t be just another appointment reminder. Let Kare-N® establish and guide a meaningful two-way conversation with your donors. Kare-N® will connect with each donor during all stages – before, after, and all points down the road. With Kare-N® at the helm, we handle the complete donation experience – across the entire continuum of care.

Kare-N works closely with your Blood Center to:
  • Decrease Donor Costs
  • Increase New, Younger Donor Relationships
  • Increase Donor Frequency
  • Increase Donor Satisfaction
  • Increase Appt-Show Rate
  • Improve Donor Experience
Kare-N® is learning why people give blood
  • Difference Maker
  • Religious Purpose
  • Social Responsibility
  • Altruism
  • Sense of Community
  • Others…

Kare-N Blood Donation Stats:
  • Avg. Show Rate improvement
  • Cost per donation reduction
  • Reduced overhead
  • increase frequency
  • Increase donor engagement

Reporting & Data Analytics

The HealthAware Insights real-time reporting platform provides detailed, actionable metrics to aid your organization mange its campaigns. This dynamic reporting tool is complete with dashboards and drill-downs to ensure all administrative levels understanding the return on marketing investment.

HealthAware continues to provide donation centers with the vital low cost solutions required to compete in today’s environment. In the process, HealthAware helps millions of participants adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles.  Take action now! Contact us today to arrange a comprehensive Kare-N demo from our team of experts.

Learn more about how our Kare-N chatbot can be a complimentary strategy for your organization.