HealthAware’s leadership team unites industry thought leaders, behavior change experts, and savvy entrepreneurs. Together, they bring decades of experience in healthcare technology to a fast-growing company with visionary aspirations.



CEO and Founder

Few understand the power of change better than Greg Gossett, founder and CEO of HealthAware. Driven by his mission to develop sustainable healthcare systems via effective self-care, Greg heads up a talented team of behavior change experts. He guides them to success in developing data-backed, life-changing solutions that help people adopt sustainable healthy habits.

Greg holds a proven track record for maximizing health programs. In his 20 years at the forefront of early disease detection technology, he worked with more than 250 American healthcare systems to generate positive results for over 2 million patients.

Greg’s leadership experience straddles corporate business and healthcare. He specializes in population and public health management, and excels at product strategy, quality improvement, and outcomes evaluation. As HealthAware’s CEO, he oversees operations and financial management, builds lasting client relationships with memorable customer service, and drives planning and decision-making.

A prolific public speaker, Greg regularly captivates audiences at industry conferences. He holds an MBA from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business, and a B.A. from the University of Arizona.

He lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife and two children. Between writing chapters of his first eBook on behavioral science, he loves to ski, snowboard, bike, or hike in the Rocky Mountains.



Sr. Account Manager

Josh Bartunek brings a wide array of skills to HealthAware, including experience in high-tech and medical device hardware and software product management, account management, and strategic planning. A named inventor on multiple patents, Josh sees the practical value of innovation as a driver of customer satisfaction. In his role as senior account manager at HealthAware, he leverages his experience by striving for elegant solutions that are aligned with the strategic goals of his customers. He currently oversees the Kare-N® for Blood Centers implementation and has multiple Connect™ clients. Josh received his M.A. from Valpariaso University and enjoys family time, music, sports and miscellaneous DIY home projects.  



Director of Data Integration

Dan Zielinski leads HealthAware’s Business Intelligence and Data Integration team and has over 20 years of experience analyzing data to help drive business decisions.  Dan firmly believes that data is one of the most important assets that a company owns and is -vital to a company’s success.  Dan is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and earned a degree in Operations Management and Information Systems.  He has over 15 years of experience working in the healthcare industry in both the public and private sectors and has extensive experience mining data to tell impactful stories.  The son of a nurse, Dan witnessed the value of human interaction with patients and the importance of accessing accurate information to make decisions. Dan lives in Colorado, where he enjoys hiking in the Rocky Mountains and fishing in the pristine mountain lakes.  An avid beer brewer and wood craftsman, Dan can be found working in his shop and pondering his next challenging project.



VP of Finance / Controller

A seasoned finance professional, Brenton Westrich has focused on high-growth technology businesses during a career spanning over 20 years. He brings a strategic mind and broad industry experience to his role as financial controller at HealthAware. Skilled at cash flow management and business operations, he has managed financial health for enterprises in biotech, pharmaceuticals, software, and healthcare.

Thoughtful and charismatic, Brenton quickly forms strong bonds with colleagues and investors. He thrives in HealthAware’s lean team environment, relishing the opportunity for continuous learning while making significant contributions within a progressive organization.

Brenton holds an MBA in finance from the University of Colorado and a B.A. in business from East Carolina University. He lives in Denver, Colorado, where he leads an active lifestyle. He spends his downtime growing organic food, paddleboarding, skiing and hiking.



Director of Service Delivery

With over a decade of experience working in the healthcare industry, Michael Rodgers leads HealthAware’s Client Services and Support division working directly with clients throughout the nation to align strategic and operations goals.  Michael studied business administration at the University of Georgia and is a licensed insurance agent with a vast knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid policies and plans.  He has been personally involved with the creation and strategic development of numerous Prevention and Wellness programs and continues to serve in an advisory role among our HealthAware clients.  Michael has been involved with the on-going development of all HealthAware Health Risk Assessment modules since 2008 and is currently overseeing the expansion of HealthAware’s CareGap product development by working with our partners to identify and create solutions to common issues in the healthcare industry.  In his free time, Michael enjoys skiing, cycling, gardening and playing golf (poorly).  




VP of Marketing

Moz Mirbaba takes David Ogilvy’s advice to heart as leader of HealthAware’s marketing team. He manages a gifted group of digital marketing professionals spread in locations across the country. Drawing energy from HealthAware’s highly entrepreneurial environment, Moz is driven by big aspirations to make hard-hitting, positive impact on population health.

His vast marketing background lets him confidently captain the team in developing robust strategy. Empowered by some seriously smart colleagues, he expertly analyzes and solves client challenges, while sharing HealthAware’s brand story through captivating content.

Moz is no stranger to enthralling audiences with dynamic storytelling. As co-founder and former leader of content marketing agency, Windowseat, he built innovative global brand campaigns. His strategies consistently delivered tangible business results and intrinsic value to customers.

At HealthAware, he fuses a love of marketing with a passion for health. He feels a personal affinity to HealthAware’s mission. With a family history of heart disease, high cholesterol, and cancer, Moz relishes the opportunity to inspire people toward healthy habits.

Moz lives in Denver, Colorado, where he adores exploring the state’s stunning outdoors. When not tinkering with his car or trying his hand at home improvements, he loves to take his daughters skiing, biking, or to a local sports event.

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See What Our Clients are Saying...

“HealthAware’s financial analysis is well-supported by our data and clearly shows that there is a return on our investment. Nevertheless, it’s not just about the ROI, its about the shifting public perception of us, about creating goodwill, and about improving the health of our community through prevention.”

– Jeff Blankenship – CFO West Tennessee Healthcare

“Our CHF program is successful (above CMS targets) but we were in need of a solution to provide structure, analytics and reporting so that we could continue to focus on our patients’ care. Nothing was the right fit until we found HealthAware™. The real-time tracking and reports provided through HealthAware have dramatically improved the accessibility and clarity of our readmission and mortality analyses. We now have previously unavailable insights into our patient data that give us the knowledge we need to make valuable procedural and operational changes for the betterment of our patients’ health and our health system. HealthAware has become an invaluable part of our care plan including transitions and post-acute care for CHF patients.”

Darcy Blayney – RN, Process Improvement Specialist, Bryan HealthCare

“When we implemented HealthAware’s Kare-N™ blood program to help reduce our no-show rates for member appointments, we immediately saw the huge impact by reducing our No Show Rates by 33%, above and beyond existing text reminders resulting, in a more profitable operation.”

– Jamie – VP of Operations, The Blood Centers