Case Studies

Connect™ Risk Assessment Case Study


Unforeseen health risks can lead to expensive problems for businesses, healthcare providers, and patients themselves. West Tennessee Healthcare operates state-of-the-art facilities and excellent clinical resources to over a half a million local residents within their community. They needed a better patient strategy for early disease detection. To reduce costs while improving care, West Tennessee Healthcare approached HealthAware to deploy comprehensive health risk assessment modules for their system.


HealthAware created a health risk assessment program, fully-customized for West Tennessee Healthcare. The program screened members of the local population for blood pressure, lipid profile, and BMI. Personalized reports highlighted health risks for each participant and offered those deemed “at-risk” access to text-based behavior programs to develop healthy habits. West Tennessee Healthcare received a rich set of data that revealed insights toward developing better health compliance.


More than 46,000 participants completed a health assessment.

55% still active after 20 days. On average, participants responded 17 times a day over the first 30 days.

The program has generated over $268 million in total charges for West Tennessee Healthcare.

More than 46,000 participants completed a health assessment since HealthAware’s modules have been deployed.  The results are staggering- with 55% still active after 20 days and on average, participants responded 17 times a day over the first 30 days, and most opted to re-enroll—58% re-enrolled immediately, 67% re-activated later in the year, including 30% of previous non-starters. Following the risk assessment, 8,445 received treatment for current or potential health problems. The program generated over $268 million+ in total charges and over $33mm in new patient charges for West Tennessee Healthcare. The program has been very successful for West Tennessee Healthcare to date and has been an engine for revenue growth. 


A southwestern blood center needed to reduce their no show rates with key blood donation facilities. The challenge was to increase their Show Rates, and also make their centers more efficient, profitable, and to increase donations in the process. Prior to the start of the program the blood center’s average show rate had been hovering around 50.2%. They challenged HealthAware® to increase their show rate as much as possible.


The urban, southwestern blood center deployed Kare-N® by HealthAware to make their operation more efficient over a five- month period. Kare-N® was deployed at four sites. Kare-N® stepped in and got to know their donors personally, as if each one was a close friend. Kare-N® engaged with the blood donors more often, and helped notify the blood center if a donor needed to reschedule their donation appointment. Kare-N® also encouraged donors to share their experience on social media and encouraged donors to ask friends and family to give the gift of life.


In only five months, the four specific sites within the blood center used the Kare-N® for blood centers program and saw:

  • An attributed increase in show rate of 11.2%.
  • An estimated increase in revenue of over $1,260,000.00 per 50,000 donations

Average Show Rates with and without Kare-N®

Without Kare-N® Show Rates Were: 50.2%
With Kare-N® Show Rates Increased: 61.4%
Increase in Show Rate
Estimated Increase in Revenue per 50,000 donations


The Blood Center was challenged with operational inefficiencies because of a high no-show rates for donation appointments. There was a 15% no-show rate while using text reminders and call centers. Phlebotomists and staff members were utilized less efficiently and, as a result, missed revenue goals that impacted operational inefficiencies.


The Blood Center used HealthAware’s Kare-N® proprietary behavior readiness framework to maximize appointment show rates

Kare-N® replaced their existing text reminder services and recruiting processes. The Blood Center used HealthAware’s Kare-N® proprietary behavior readiness framework to maximize appointment show rates and engaged members in the days prior to the appointment.


Reduced the No-Show Rate 33%

75% of donors are engaged and responding

“When we implemented HealthAware’s Kare-N® blood program to help reduce our no show rates for member appointments, we immediately say the huge impact by reducing our No Show Rates by 33%, above and beyond existing exit reminders, resulting in a more profitable operation.”

 – Jamie, VP of Operations- The Blood Center


Widespread consumption of sugary drinks put Austin Independent School District’s team at high risk of developing diabetes. They turned to HealthAware for a simple but effective way to tackle this threat before it evolved and boost employee health.


Average Participant swapped 36 sugary drinks for water in one month.

To combat this health risk, HealthAware launched the 30-Day Water Swap Challenge. This behavior change therapy program, tailor-made for Austin Independent School District, used our Kare-N® digital therapy program delivered via text and email to motivate participants to swap sugary drinks for water. The program adjusted interaction based on participant feedback—positively reinforcing behavior, building mindset techniques, or encouraging self-efficacy.


66% of participants were active beyond 20 days.

One department saved 28,31g of sugar
(Equivalent to 707 sugar cubes)!

One department saved over 13+ pounds of body fat in one month!

Kare-N® allowed Austin Independent School District to maintain a supportive dialogue with at-risk employees. During the 30 day program, most participants swapped around 36 drinks and interacted with Kare-N® 2,577 times—averaging 18 days of interactivity per month, with 80% of participants responding to the program 20 times. On average, the program saved participants from consuming 3,822 calories, 2,959g of carbs, and 2,831g of sugar. After 20 days, 66% of participants were still active.

See what our clients are saying about us...

“When we implemented HealthAware’s Kare-N® blood program to help reduce our no show rates for member appointments, we immediately saw the huge impact by reducing our No Show Rates  by 33%, resulting in a more profitable operation.”

– Jamie – VP of Operations,  The Blood Centers 

“HealthAware’s financial analysis is well-supported by our data and clearly shows that there is a return on our investment. Nevertheless, it’s not just about the ROI, its about the shifting public perception of us, about creating goodwill, and about improving the health of our community through prevention.”

– Jeff Blankenship – CFO West Tennessee Healthcare

“Our CHF program is successful (above CMS targets) but we were in need of a solution to provide structure, analytics and reporting so that we could continue to focus on our patients’ care. Nothing was the right fit until we found HealthAware™. The real-time tracking and reports provided through HealthAware’s CareGap program have dramatically improved the accessibility and clarity of our readmission and mortality analyses. We now have previously unavailable insights into our patient data that give us the knowledge we need to make valuable procedural and operational changes for the betterment of our patients’ health and our health system. HealthAware has become an invaluable part of our care plan including transitions and post-acute care for CHF patients.”

– Darcy Blayney – RN, Process Improvement Specialist, Bryan Medical Center 

“CareGap has been very effective at providing the exact data points our clinicians need to plan and enact interventions across the care continuum that make real differences in patient outcomes”  

– Darcy Blayney – RN, Process Improvement Specialist, Bryan Medical Center