Who We Are

We are a Healthcare Partner, Educator, Conversion Expert who Persuades Actions and Promotes Well being into Consumers.

Our Mission

We are in the business of behavior change - Using innovative technologies that influence people to take actions which improves the quality of their life and the well-being of their community. In doing so we will elevate the brands of our clients and improve their market share and profitability.

Our Core Value

Our success is defined by how we measure healthier lives and communities using innovative technology by driving relentless improvements with our strategic partners.

Our Background

Today, health is saturated with fad tech. Mobile apps promise “easy” weight-loss. Wearables track your vitals. Websites allow you to self-diagnose.

But true change starts from within. Change your resolve, and you’ll make small shifts toward a better you. Before you know it, you’re doing things differently and have a new approach to health. Change your behavior, and the sky’s the limit for how your body—and life—may transform.


Kare-N® Digital Therapy & Early Disease Detection


HealthAware’s behavioral change experts harness the power of change to support effective healthcare and promote universal wellbeing.

Driven by leading-edge, evidence-based research, our Kare-N® digital therapy programs help patients adopt healthy habits, reduce risk, and receive sustainable clinical care. Our health assessments enable providers and patients to evaluate health concerns—before they wreak havoc.

HealthAware’s risk assessments integrate seamlessly into your current programs, are fully customizable to your specific goals, and result in an average of $1.5 million in downstream revenues. With HealthAware you get smart solutions for early disease detection. When applied over time it can also help stratify risk, and foster long-lasting patient relationships in your community.

We’ve helped identify health risks with 1.5 million participants and over 200 healthcare systems across the country. We can help you too—Contact us for Free Demo.