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HealthAware is a seasoned healthcare partner, educator, and conversion expert.

Healthcare Systems: Provider Market Share Growth

When you generate leads, we convert them. Think of us as a virtual point of access for any of your strategic services. HealthAware provides a dynamic health risk assessment and ongoing chatbot health coaching that inspire better health in every user. And, in many cases HealthAware converts high-risk consumers to new patients. In fact, the average HealthAware user is 55 years old, female with 3 to 5 risk factors, very much resembling a consumer exhibiting early disease risk.

Join the millions of participants and hundreds of healthcare systems across the country who create healthier, more resilient communities with HealthAware.

How We Drive Conversions

Connect Health Risk Assessments


CareGap –


Provider Practices

Your patients arrive with a condition, but you know better than anyone, there’s more than meets the eye. They have risks not previously discussed. We can collect that data for you. HealthAware provides a reimbursable risk assessment tool to help you learn of your patients’ co-morbid risks and symptoms before the arrive. In fact, we estimate a 35% increase in reimbursements using HRAs with telehealth*. And while you learn more about them, we spotlight important guidelines to support your care plan and improve outcomes. With HealthAware®, your encounter becomes a richer experience for you both.

Footnote: * Appropriate and necessary reimbursements only. Actual results will vary.

How We Help Physician Practices

Reimbursable Connect Health Risk Assessments

Blood Donation Centers

Your donors give blood. With HealthAware Kare-N, they give more. Faced with dimishing donor bases and costly (often outdated) recruiting methods, it can often feel like your center is just one beat away from a crisis. Meet Kare-N®. A COMPLETELY AUTOMATED RECRUITER, outperforming text campaigns, call centers, and email blasts.

How We Recruit Donors

Kare-N Donor Recruitment

Provider Outreach

We recognize the need for employers to provide safe work environments for all of their employees. HealthAware provides both health risk assessments and health screening triage tools to fulfill this need.

Wellness checks can ask medical questions when employers are only provided an approved or denied indicator.

If you are challenged to manage its workforce or incoming visitors, we have a solution ready for you.