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Big change starts small. Our health risk assessments and behavior change therapies empower businesses and healthcare providers to promote widespread good health, and lead people to live healthier lives through smarter healthcare utilization and better self-care.

HealthAware’s products provide health information to proactively support your community’s good health. Consumers can take immediate action to seek appropriate and necessary care, assure appointment readiness, promote peak productivity at work, avoid readmissions, and empower themselves to live healthier lives through better care—find out more.

To accompany the core functions of our products, HealthAware also offers EMR and CRM integrations to provide seamless interoperability and assist its strategic partners in achieving organizational efficiencies.

Connect Health Risk Assessment

Improve Patient Care, Manage Population Health, & Engage Your Community

Detecting health risks early on saves lives. When applied consistently over time, it can stratify risk, provide relevant offers based on risk profiles, and foster long-lasting patient relationships. Knowing the threats to your community’s wellbeing is the first step toward promoting widespread good health and risk compliance.

HealthAware’s Connect health risk assessments help identify health issues related to orthopedic and cardiovascular health, surgery, cancer treatment, and mental wellbeing—so your healthcare system can take action to help address your community’s health problems before they occur. Our risk assessments provides data and information in the fields of health, cardiovascular disease prevention and risk reduction.  Our assessments integrate seamlessly into your current programs, are fully customizable to your specific goals, and result in an average of $1.5million in downstream revenues.

We’ve helped over 1.5 million participants adopt healthier lifestyles and over 200+ healthcare providers lower the cost of care. Take action now—contact us today to arrange a comprehensive health risk assessment demo from our team of experts.


When patients focus on improving their health and avoiding return visits to the hospital, everybody along the healthcare continuum feels better. We created CareGap to be a powerful and unique workflow and patient engagement interface for clinicians. Designed to prevent “avoidance admissions,” re-admissions and CMS penalties, CareGap improves communication between a hospital and discharge facilities – empowering better care transactions with fewer complications.

Imagine a world where your patients and employees more consistently showed up on-time, prepared, and in better health each day. Sounds a lot like paradise, right? If only there was a program to effectively get these people to change their behavior, even more patients and employees would have the support and guidance to truly improve their lives, every day. This is Kare-N®.

Help your patients and employees get back in control. Sign up and try Kare-N® today.

Actual messaging from Kare-N® to blood donors

For Blood Centers

We understand the challenges that face our nation’s available blood supply shortage, and we’re passionate about solving this with you. Backed by our decade-long track record of saving patient’s lives, we’re ready and excited to help you meet and exceed all your challenges. With Kare-N®, blood centers can usher a new exciting transfusion of not just supply, but eager and engaged donors. Read our case study here.

See what our clients are saying about us...


“When we implemented HealthAware’s Kare-N® blood program to help reduce our no show rates for member appointments, we immediately saw the huge impact by reducing our No Show Rates by 33%, above and beyond existing text reminders, resulting in a more profitable operation.”

– Jamie – VP of Operations,  Blood Centers shutterstock_435709567-[Converted]


“Our CHF program is successful (above CMS targets) but we were in need of a solution to provide structure, analytics and reporting so that we could continue to focus on our patients’ care. Nothing was the right fit until we found HealthAware™. The real-time tracking and reports provided through HealthAware have dramatically improved the accessibility and clarity of our readmission and mortality analyses. We now have previously unavailable insights into our patient data that give us the knowledge we need to make valuable procedural and operational changes for the betterment of our patients’ health and our health system. HealthAware has become an invaluable part of our care plan including transitions and post-acute care for CHF patients.”  

Darcy Blayney – RN, Process Improvement Specialist, Bryan Medical Centershutterstock_435709567-[Converted]


“HealthAware’s financial analysis is well-supported by our data and clearly shows that there is a return on our investment. Nevertheless, it’s not just about the ROI, its about the shifting public perception of us, about creating goodwill, and about improving the health of our community through prevention.”

– Jeff Blankenship – CFO West Tennessee Healthcare shutterstock_435709567-[Converted]