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For over 12 years, HealthAware has worked with 250+ healthcare systems by providing proven consumer engagement resources that drive market share growth. In todays’ competitive environment, two critical hurdles facing providers are attracting new patients and converting them to loyal consumers. HealthAware provides digital programs to aid consumer awareness of disease risk and persuades appropriate and necessary provider interaction. Targeted behavior influencers within our health risk assessments (HRA’s) are unmatched in the industry.

Extending further into to the patient acquisition journey, HealthAware’s adaptive chatbot provide compassionate guidance to patients before and after an encounter resulting in higher satisfaction and retention. These tools also leverage our behavior influencer technologies to re-craft the patient’s perception of the encounter experience. We know that every patient is different and faces unique challenges in their health care journey. We also know that providers have strategic growth objectives requiring sustainable margins and clinical outcomes. Ultimately, our programs help providers reach high risk consumers, convert digital engagement to utilization, and guide patients before and after important encounters within the local provider network.

Hi, I’m Greg Gossett, the founder of HealthAware, and I’m a big believer in early detection. It saved my fathers life and that’s why HealthAware is here. About 15 years ago, I helped create a tool that enabled a leading hospital to get the right people to a new and innovative (at least it was back then) heart scan. Once the tool was developed, who better to test the process than my father.  At the time, my father was an active, healthy (looking) 61 year old man with a long history of loving meat and potatoes. So, he sat down and completed the HeartAware HRA. Then his life changed quickly.

Within 5 days of testing HeartAware as the first user, my father had a stent in his heart. HeartAware, using evidence based modeling, alerted him that his intermediate risk can be dangerous if not under the care of a physician. So he asked his doctor some questions, did the recommended tests, then ultimately an angiogram revealed a significant blockage in a very important artery in his heart. The cardiologist told me something very bad would have happened to my father had we not intervened this blockage. HeartAware didn’t find my father’s blockage, but it did get him to take action and see his doctor. And he’s still here today, 15 years later.

After this, I became passionate about early disease detection. This is the story we believe in: Getting people to see their risk factors and take action. HeartAware grew quickly throughout the US, helping save thousands of lives. Soon after, we created early detection tools for oncology, then orthopedics, and now we have over 23 HRAs, each one saving lives every day. If you are a healthcare clinician or administrator, I look forward to meeting you!

“When we implemented HealthAware’s Kare-N® blood program to help reduce our no show rates for member appointments, we immediately saw the huge impact by reducing our No Show Rates by 33%, above and beyond existing text reminders, resulting in a more profitable operation.”

Blood Center Client

“HealthAware’s financial analysis is well-supported by our data and clearly shows that there is a return on our investment. Nevertheless, it’s not just about the ROI, its about the shifting public perception of us, about creating goodwill, and about improving the health of our community through prevention.”

Jeff Blankenship, CFO, West Tennessee Healthcare

We’ve helped millions of participants adopt healthier lifestyles and hundreds of healthcare systems identify high-risk consumers and lead them to next steps in care and diagnostics.  Take action now—contact us today to arrange a comprehensive solutions demo from our team of experts.

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